5 Reasons Why Reading Lover Must Use “Pocket”

Nowadays, a number of website in the internet is growing rapidly along with a number of public article online. Due to an evolution in technology, there’s a bunch of websites out there which provide useful articles. However, it can be a waste if we can read it only once.

Growth in number of website in the internet from 2000 to 2015 (referenced http://www.internetlivestats.com/total-number-of-websites/)

Isn’t it better if we’ve somewhere we could save our favorite articles for reading later. This is where “Pocket” comes in handy. Below are 5 reasons why you should considered “Pocket” as your rescuer.

1. It is easy to use

Anytime you find your favorite online article, you can immediately save it to “Pocket” by just simply copying the article’s link. Then open an app and save your copied link there. It’s a piece of cake you see!!!. In addition you can custom your browser setting to save a copied link to “Pocket” automatically.

Rather than that you are also able to use “Pocket” on any platforms including a tablet, mobile phone or PC. The content you saved will be automatically sync between devices.

A compatibility of “Pocket” (referenced from https://parsish.com)

2. It provides great reading experience

This is a feature I like the most about “Pocket”. It provides a user an article view which converts an online article into a format which is easy to read. It modifies article’s font size and format to suit our vision along with keeping only relevant content by removing comment section, menu bars etc. I recommend you try out this feature!!!

A clean look of an article view in “Pocket” (referenced from https://getpocket.com)

3. It enables what is called “Save it for later”

Many applications out there provide their users an ability to save their favorite articles. However, it doesn’t provide users an ability to read the saved articles offline. Users have to connect to the internet whenever they want to read it. That’s such a boredom!!!. “Pocket” solve this problem by allowing us to read our favorite content offline. Now, our life is easier than ever.

A storage setting for saving articles in “Pocket” (referenced from https://getpocket.com)

4. It personalizes to your preference

From the articles you saved, “Pocket” also use them to discovered your specific interest. Which type of articles do you like? Which topic do you attracted to? Then it uses all the information to suggest you some amount of articles which suits your interest. You can go through many useful contents without having to manually find it yourself. I’ve read so many suggested articles and it’s quite impressive. I recommend you’d try it too. However, this function only exists in mobile and tablet.

A recommend article feature in “Pocket” (referenced from https://getpocket.com)

5. It provides a way to find what you’re looking for

When time past things always get piled up along with the articles you’ve saved. As time passed you will have more and more saved articles into the point which it is extremely tiresome to find what you’re looking for. “Pocket” help you solving this by providing you an ability to search through your content using tags.

A search system in “Pocket”


These are 5 reasons why “Pocket” is one of the best reading app you should consider in mind. It has many abilities which enable you a great reading experience and “Pocket” itself is a very easy to use application.

After reading this article, I hope you would tried it and like it same as I am. Let’s enjoy your reading with “Pocket”.

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