If you think about a country which is both dignified and antique, Russia is probably the top one in the list. It is the largest country in the world which covers an enormous area range from North of China to Eastern Europe. It’s also been through a lot of changes for a thousand years. One of the things which makes it remarkable is its unique architecture and vibe you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Next, I will take you to “Moscow”, a current capital city of Russia, which is the origination of significance global political actions that shape what our world is nowadays.

Moscow Metro Train Station

On the left is a World War II statue representing two Soviet’s soldiers.

The Red Square

The Monument to Minin and Pozharsky located on the The Red Square.

Gum Department Store

A frontside view of Gum Department Store.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Outside of St. Basil’s Cathedral

Kremlin Palace

Moscow State University

The Cathedral of Christ our savior

These are the places where I think worth visiting to. Some of it was originally used to signify a victory over invaders but becoming adapted for other purpose later. However, it still represents us how greatness a Russian empire are in the past. I hope this article could be a guide for places to visit when you have a plan for traveling to Russia. But be careful you might have to wait a long time at the immigration!!!

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