If you think about a country which is both dignified and antique, Russia is probably the top one in the list. It is the largest country in the world which covers an enormous area range from North of China to Eastern Europe. It’s also been through a lot of changes for a thousand years. One of the things which makes it remarkable is its unique architecture and vibe you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Next, I will take you to “Moscow”, a current capital city of Russia, which is the origination of significance global political actions that shape what our world is nowadays.

Moscow Metro Train Station

Our first stop “Moscow metro train station”, is one of the most beautiful and antique train station in the world. It was constructed in 1931, a time when Russia is part of the most influential regime in the world in that period called the “Soviet Union”. In Word War II (1939–1945 A.D.), it is also used as a bunker for shielding from Nazi’s army . Each station was designed in its own unique style. You can see different statues associated with WWII, well-designed chandelier, religious paintings and mosaic art there. This station also connected with the whole railway system which links different parts of Moscow together. If you want to go to “The Red Square”, you can just walk downstairs and take an underground train.

On the left is a World War II statue representing two Soviet’s soldiers.

The Red Square

Well known for being a location of the Soviet government head office, stands out gracefully in the center of Moscow is “The Red Square”. Originally, It was first constructed in 15th century by “Ivan the great” (1402–1505 A.D.), who ended a dominance of the Mongols over Russia and also contributed to a foundation of Russian state, with a purpose to guard “the Kremlin palace”. It is enormous in size and have many significant places situated including “Kremlin palace”, “St. Basil’s cathedral” and “Gum department store”. This is such a magnificent scenery when you can see all of the places situate and blended along side one another.

The Monument to Minin and Pozharsky located on the The Red Square.

Gum Department Store

Due to its unique style, it is one of the remarkable landmarks you should visit when you go to “The Red Square”. It also represents a 18th century architecture. You can find beautiful sculptures inside. If you want to have a grocery shopping this place is apparently suitable for your purpose. Many brand name shops also located there. In case you don’t want to lose your money on expensive items, I suggest you try out an ice cream, it is quite delicious and a pricing is affordable.

A frontside view of Gum Department Store.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Renowned for one of a most significant places in “Moscow”. “St. Basil’s Cathedral” is famous due to its colorful lotus-liked shape which was constructed in 1555 by “Ivan the great”. It was destined to be a monument dedicated to the victory over the Mongol after being ruled by them for many decades. It’s also consisted of nine pediments which was built using Russian architecture influenced by Bizantine (Eastern Roman Empire) and Gothic architecture.

Outside of St. Basil’s Cathedral

Kremlin Palace

“Kremlin Palace” is a magnificent palace which occupied a vast area in the center of Moscow. Almost two centuries ago it was designed to used as a fortress. However, nowadays it is a place where several landmarks have located including Kremlin armory chamber museum, Russian President’s head office, The most biggest bell in the world and An antique big cannon.

Moscow State University

From the The Red square to our next visit, there is this place I want to show you the “Moscow State University”. It is recognized as the oldest university in Russia and also unique in its Stalinist style architecture (1941–1953, a period when Joseph Stalin ruled over Soviet Union). It is also part of “the Seven Sisters”, a group of seven skyscrapers located in Moscow which was constructed in Stalin era.

The Cathedral of Christ our savior

Lastly, let’s have a look at “The Cathedral of Christ our savior”. It was constructed in 1839 in the era of “Saar Alexendar I” dedicated to a victory over Napolean, an emperor of France back then. However, it was destroyed in 1990 by “Communist party of Russian Federation” and was newly renovated in 1994. Nowadays, it is currently used to perform religious events. At the top located five golden pediments, the biggest one at the center surrounded by the others each of which have a cross situated upon.

These are the places where I think worth visiting to. Some of it was originally used to signify a victory over invaders but becoming adapted for other purpose later. However, it still represents us how greatness a Russian empire are in the past. I hope this article could be a guide for places to visit when you have a plan for traveling to Russia. But be careful you might have to wait a long time at the immigration!!!

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